Tata motors market strategy analysis marketing essay

Conclusions and Recommendations 23 Executive Summary This written project is an analysis of the international business expansion of Tata Motors, and its ability to maintain its growth in the global market. This study has lasted over two months and will conclude with this formal paper written for the MBA course. As a group, it is recommended that Tata Motors continue its operation in South Africa and attempt the same strategy in other potential markets around the world. Tata has already mastered its domestic market and has gained a large market share in other countries in a short period of time.

Tata motors market strategy analysis marketing essay

For a relatively new course the one year MBA started close to a decade back in India branding is extremely crucial. Prospective aspirants have to take huge risks and have several questions in their mind. Branding and PR plays a important role in ensuring good roles on graduation.

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ISB is a clear winner on this front. Over the last few years, its info sessions across the country, industry connect activities, competitions have all ensured ISB is the first brand people think of when someone says one year MBA.

They also have experience conducting Management Development Programmes courses lasting a week or less for experienced professionals and so understand difference between teaching freshers in PGP vs the students in a one year course.

Coming to ISB, it has most of its faculty coming from several international reputed B-schools and hence brings with them a new dimension of international exposure in the class-room learning. Unlike business education in India which till date has been focused on the PGP accredited globally as a Masters in Management meant for freshersfaculty abroad is used to teaching an MBA level audience.

ISB benefits from this.

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Course Alignment More analytics and numbers driven No such known area of focus This can help you decide based on the function you want to get into. If you aspire to be a marketing guru, choose IIM B. Fees 18 Lac 25 Lac The fees can be a big differentiating factor on the affordability front and in terms of an immediate ROI calculation Accommodation and other facilities Students stay outside the main campus and miss the fun of campus life.

But Bangalore being a great city, amenities are not likely to be of any problem. Situated on the out-skirts of the city and good medical facilities outside remain a cause of concern. A new hostel is under construction with better amenities for students.

Amenities best so far in India! On the outskirts of Hyderabad, Mohali A big factor for people planning to move in with families. Other avenues of personal development Not much at IIMs.

Tata motors market strategy analysis marketing essay

Students do not indulge much in other activities and tend to be mostly academically focused. ISB scores here with a plethora of activities the students indulge in. Students party hard here! Entrepreneurship Thinking of doing something on your own post the MBA?

The entrepreneurship cell is also not that well developed.

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Many students coming out of ISB develop good business models and head to their own business instead of a job. IIMs tend to train you to be great managers but not great entrepreneurs.

Having said that, most good companies visit both these colleges and recruit. At ISB, given the lower work experience of the class, similar to the situation in the PGP courses at IIMs, recruiters often rely on performance in the course as an indicator of future potential.

At IIMs, extensive past performance of the candidate is seen as a better indicator of capability and marks take a backseat. Numbers are subject to interpretation and hence my sincere and honest advice is not to rely too much on these.

Ed — Also, no student gets the average CTC — its a notional number. The range is more important which can typically vary between 12 lakhs to anywhere upto 50 lakhs domestic.

Your number of years of experience has a bearing on what salary you command on graduation. An important placement parameter that often gets overlooked is the companies visiting campus. This determines the choice of roles available to candidates. The bottom line is that each college has its own USPs.

One may be easier on the pocket, the other may be offering more international exposure. One may be more tuned towards marketing, the other towards finance. Think first of what you feel is important for you and then choose for yourself.I would describe Tata Motors international strategy as a multidomestic strategy.

This is due to the very definition of the multidomestic strategy that a company tries to achieve a maximum local responsiveness by customizing both their product offering and marketing strategy to match different national conditions. Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends.

International Strategic Issue Of Tata Motors Marketing Essay. Nottingham Business School. CIISM (BUSI ) assignment.

Tata motors market strategy analysis marketing essay

Critical analysis of the international strategic issue of Tata Motors Ltd. to set up a dealer network in entering the South African market. the strategy of entering a market by partnership with local dealers is an. Extracts from this document Introduction. Dairy Milks current marketing strategy (E4) At this present time, Dairy milk is in a competitive market with a small number of large dominating businesses.

Tata Group MARKETING PLAN BY Manu Joseph Section C PRN: Executive Summary The Tata Nano is an inexpensive, rear-engined, four-passenger city car built by the Indian company Tata Motors and is aimed primarily at the Indian domestic market. Latest news, expert advice and information on money. Pensions, property and more.

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