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The institution opened in on Stanford's previous Palo Alto farm. Despite being impacted by earthquakes in both andthe campus was rebuilt each time.

Stanford project management

Project Koko has evolved into much more than just an "ape language" project! As we began to learn how much like us gorillas are emotionally and cognitively, we also learned how gorillas and other great apes in Africa were becoming critically endangered and hence our focus has shifted from pure research to applied research for the benefit of both captive and free-living gorillas and other great apes.

Francine Penny Patterson, a Ph. Cohn and the late Barbara F. Hiller establish The Gorilla Foundation. Through the efforts of the Foundation, Penny and Ron obtain custody of Koko inensuring that their fruitful partnership can continue.

Michael, a bushmeat orphan from Cameroon, is given a home by the Gorilla Foundation.

Stanford project management

Patterson for the study of linguistic behavior and higher cognitive functioning in the gorilla. Patterson becomes the first woman to receive the Rolex Award for Enterprise honoring her studies of communication and higher cognitive functioning in the gorilla. Jane Goodall visits The Gorilla Foundation to share information concerning the great apes.

After returning to Africa, Dr. Goodall writes asking if Koko can provide her with some information to help with her research on wild chimpanzees — surely a first in primate research. Chronicling the seminal years of Project Koko, the film furthers international understanding of the true nature of gorillas.

Morley Safer features Koko on 60 Minutes. The documentary Gorilla which features the work of The Gorilla Foundation is released by National Geographic and aired on public television stations nationwide. It eventually is made part of The Best of the National Geographic series.

Patterson participates in a landmark international symposium along with Drs. She captures one, and delicately cradles it under her arm, protecting it from Michael. After carrying it around for a while, she places it on some rocks in her yard, under a tub to further shield it from possible rough play.

The Gorilla Foundation sponsors an exhibition of gorilla-created artwork in Honolulu in order to raise public awareness about the Foundation and its goals in Hawaii, where the Foundation hopes to establish a gorilla preserve. Koko selects the tailless kitten All Ball to be her very own companion.

Hugh Downs subsequently cites this as the most memorable interview of his career. The Gorilla Foundation pursues serious negotiations and fundraising toward the establishment of a large-scale gorilla preserve in Hawaii. National Geographic, Novemberprovides an update on Koko.

Selected by Koko through viewing videos of available male companions, Ndume has already fathered 3 children and is viewed as a potential mate for Koko. The House of Representatives of the State of Hawaii welcomes The Gorilla Foundation to Hawaii with a formal resolution and recognizes it for protecting and preserving gorillas and other endangered species.

Koko and Michael are featured in a minute United Learning video, Animal Intelligence, which helps children learn about the abilities of animals. Patterson chosen as a Kilby Foundation Laureate honoring her 25 years of dedicated study of primate linguistic abilities.

Gorilla artwork shown at the Terrain Gallery in San Francisco.

Stanford project management

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Risk Classifications. Stanford is committed to protecting the privacy of its students, alumni, faculty and staff, as well as protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information important to the University's mission. OFPM partners with the Department of Project Management (DPM).

These projects are managed by DPM and OFPM takes on the role of Owner/User Representative The SoM project managers are professionals deeply committed . Benefits Of The Hudson Project. Lower electricity costs, improved reliability, jobs the Hudson Project combines proven technology with an experienced development and construction team to benefit electricity consumers on both sides of the Hudson River.

Risk Classifications. Stanford is committed to protecting the privacy of its students, alumni, faculty and staff, as well as protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information important to the University's mission.

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