Souvenir shop business plan

The new venture, "PT. Avant-Garde Shop" is taking over this space and redesigning it as the flagship store of the Avant-Garde Building, through a joint operation with PT. We will broaden our customer base by focusing not only on tenants, but also on neighbors of and visitors to the Avant-Garde Building.

Souvenir shop business plan

Yeti is currently finishing tenant improvements on their second location, a space in University Heights. The grand opening is slated for July 4th. This segment is identified by their younger age and higher disposable income relative to their household income.

This means that students like to use their disposable income to its full potential, sometimes unfortunately for them beyond their financial means.

There are over 38, potential customers in this market segment. This segment is an older, more mature market relative. They are looking for a safe and friendly atmosphere that provides a sense of nostalgia mixed with youthful excitement.

This segment has overpotential customers. Yeti has accomplished this by leveraging two competitive advantages. The first element is a wide product selection that appeals to both target markets.


While some of the products come close to pushing the limits of good taste, nothing is offensive or outrageously obscene. This creates an atmosphere that has an edge, but one in which anyone would feel comfortable. This wide product span helps allow Yeti to serve two distinct sets of customers.

A wide product selection is not inherently enough on its own to serve two customer segments however. All of the Yeti employees are trained to create a helpful, gracious, welcoming experience for all customers. The sales staff recognize that it is their job to provide the customer with whatever type of assistance they may need.

The customer will leave the store feeling that Yeti exists to cater to their individual needs.

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The Yeti concept is being led by the husband and wife team of Dan and Ishada Gordon, both of whom bring a wealth of experience and skills to the company.

Yeti is currently preparing for the grand opening of their second location and its overall growth looks quite promising. Customer service is our 1 priority. Offering items of a high quality-value relationship which are not available everywhere. This is essential for maintaining the niche market sectors mentioned in the Executive Summary.

souvenir shop business plan

Advertising and promoting in areas that our target customer base will learn about our store. Continuously reviewing our inventory and sales and adjusting our inventory levels accordingly. The objectives are lofty, yet achievable. Open a second store in the University Heights community, increasing visibility and sales potential.

Open a third store in Year 4. Get the entire sample plan and everything you need to customize it for your business.

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Download Business Plan Pro today! Purchase Business Plan Pro today and get Magazine and free business planning ebooks.Art shop “Avocadi” unlike a typical souvenir shop, will provide a unique combination of souvenirs and art works and will introduce mosaic works as a new product.

Our products are divided in 3 categories: 1) souvenirs, 2) mosaics and paintings and 3) bags and purses. Starting a Gift Shop – Sample Business Plan Template 1.

Choose a Niche -: Although there is the temptation to try to cater to the needs of every group of customers, you . Regali Luxuri gift shop business plan executive summary. Regali Luxuri is a start-up gift shop located in a newly gentrified area of old Niceburg, specializing in unique gifts, specialized printing services, and custom decorated garments.

Gift Novelty Souvenir Sample Business Plan. This sample will make sure that the business plan for your gift or novelty store contains the right elements. Yeti Cards & Gifts gift novelty souvenir shop business plan executive summary.

Yeti Cards & Gifts, an established retailer with a broad diverse product line, opens a second store/5(6).

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Click here to view this full business plan. Gift Novelty Souvenir Business Plan Executive Summary. Yeti Card & Gifts (Yeti) is an established retail business that offers a wide range of cards and gifts.

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