Solutions to valuation questions

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Solutions to valuation questions

Which valuation narratives and theories of change are taken-up and forwarded by SSH and arts-based research?

Solutions to valuation questions

What processes and methods are employed by SSH in the phases of knowledge production, knowledge dissemination and knowledge usage to increase relevance, outcome and impact?

How can SSH contribute to value creation in inter-disciplinary processes projects driven primarily by other disciplines and vice-versa? How are these contributions perceived and which obstacles have to be removed?

How can outcomes and impacts be facilitated by integrating SSH in mission-oriented transformative research? What policies and support structures are in place or need to be improved or developed to support the valuation, outcome and impact generation of SSH research in transformative, mission-oriented research and innovation agendas?

Which support structures and mechanisms are needed for this? How can SSH pathways and impact dimensions of SSH and arts-based research be better taken-up in research programmes, research call for proposals and projects?

How do new and experimental policy formats and support structures create opportunities for participation and public engagement?

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How can the use and impact of SSH and arts-based research to the benefit of a transformative and mission-oriented European research and innovation agenda be better traced, assessed and measured?

Which assessment and measurement methodologies can be used to measure the impact of SSH research contributions at different levels e. To enable vivid, efficient and effective exchange and learning, the conference programme will consist of panel sessions, key notes speeches, paper sessions, mission sessions and a poster session.

The parallel paper sessions will allow for presentation of a maximum of three to four papers in each session.

Presentations will be a maximum of 20 minutes, leaving enough time within each session for discussion. A dedicated poster presentation session will take place during the conference.

More detailed information about the exact conference programme can be found here. Berenike Ecker ecker zsi. Klaus Schuch schuch zsi.Solutions to Valuation Questions 1.

Solutions to valuation questions

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