Smelser essays in sociological explanation

This covers a very broad range of topics that includes groups and collectivities of varying sizes, the major organizations and institutions of one or more societies, cross-sectional or historical studies of a single society, and both comparative and historical analyses of multiple societies. At the grandest level it may cover all human society and history.

Smelser essays in sociological explanation

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Sorokin, professor and founder of the department of sociology at Harvard University. Sorokin, a past president of the American Sociological Association, was a pioneer in many fields of research, including sociological theory, social philosophy, methodology, and sociology of science, law, art, and knowledge.

Tiryakian's updated introduction examines major factors, inside and outside sociology, that have led to new appreciation of Sorokin's contributions and scholarship, and demonstrates their continued relevance. This new edition also includes an updated bibliography of works by and about Sorokin.

The volume includes Arthur K. Davis, who describes Sorokin's importance as a teacher in the Socratic tradition. Talcott Parsons examines internal differentiation in Christianity in its historical Western development. Thomas O'Dea deals with the institutionalization of religious values.

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Walter Firey examines how actors relate their conception of a distant future to their present behavior. Florence Kluckhohn focuses upon the problem of cultural variations within a social system. Merton and Elinor Barber examine the sociological aspect of ambivalence.

Bernard Barber considers the American business's efforts to institutionalize professionalism. Other contributors include Charles P. Moore, Georges Gurvitch, Marion J. Timasheff, Carle Zimmerman, and Logan Wilson.

Smelser essays in sociological explanation

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Essays in Sociological Explanation. Neil J Smelser. 14 Mar Paperback. US$ Add to basket. Theory of Collective Behavior. Neil J Smelser. 08 Aug Understanding Of The Structural Functional Approaches Sociology Essay the theory does account for this in his moving equilibrium idea.

(Parsons, Theories of Society: foundations of modern sociological theory, ) The theory does stress on equilibrium and quick return to social order, but this is a sign of the time when the theory was. Essays in Sociological Explanation by Neil J Smelser. Good. Hardcover: pages, Publisher: Prentice-Hall ; Ex-library Book Clean text, cover has mild wear, no dj.

Dec 15,  · Compare and contrast different sociological perspectives on religion. (33 Marks). will attempt to compare and contrast four different perspectives, three of them being structural perspectives on the common ideology of religion.

Firstly, the functionalists perspective examines religion in terms of society’s needs and believe society is set in equilibrium.

- Essays in Sociological Explanation by Neil J Smelser