Say no to plastic essay

Plastic bags are to the environment what a frenemy is to you. It may look quite useful, but with time it will only harm you and make bad things happen to you, they are vindictive. The environment needs natural space just like us to work properly, because of the so called development and modernization, it is already on the verge of losing its balance.

Say no to plastic essay

February 21, All over the street, in the drains and on the pavements there are discarded plastic packets and bottles, used packaging and numerous packets with wasted food from the surrounding eateries. Plastic is a scourge that seems to have grown to alarming proportions.

The reason why plastic is an environmental hazard is because it is one of the few modern chemical materials that is not biodegradable.

Long and Short Essay on Plastic Bag in English

Polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, and polystyrene are the composition base in the manufacture of plastics. These synthetic polymers are easily moulded into complex shapes and have high chemical resistance. Because of these properties they are used to manufacture several durable or disposable goods and for packaging materials.

However, plastic is resistant to biodegradation. A discarded plastic bottle can remain in a land fill for millions of years, so just consider the thousands of plastic bottles we discard on a daily basis. Bangalore alone generates roughly 40 tons of plastic waste per day, so is the city headed for environmental disaster?

Because we are so populous, the amount of plastic consumed is mindboggling and our disposal habits make it a health hazard.

As long as our homes are clean, we are fine; throw all the plastic waste on the road for the corporation sweeper to clean.

Say no to plastic essay

If they do not, we just sit back and grumble that the municipality is doing nothing. Look into the open storm water drains which are invariably filled with all sorts of junked plastic. Milk sachets, mineral water bottles, grocery bags, empty plastic cans and containers.

A recent trip to Goa and Ooty were definite eye openers. Today, both cities have a very strict ban on plastic and the results are clearly obvious.

What makes it a workable solution is the local population too have enforced the ban, taking personal pride in keeping their cities and market areas free from plastic. Buy fish from the local fisherwoman in the market in Goa and if you have not carried your own cloth bag she will wrap your fish or prawns in newspaper and thrust it in your hands!

Ooty has stylish-looking newspaper bags in which your tea, chocolates and spices will be handed over. We have also aped the disposable culture of the West and over the last decade use everything from disposable razors and pens to large quantities of fancy packaging. Apples or pears are pushed into honeycomb plastic packing to keep them from getting damaged in transit.

What happened to filling our pens with ink or the biscuits that we bought from the baker sans plastic trapping? Maybe we need to take a step back in time and go back a decade to when we did not need the fancy packing.

We all need to take responsibility for this pollution which threatens to overwhelm the city. Carry a shopping bag like we did in the old days or put a basket into the dickey of your car into which you can fill a whole shopping cart. Stop buying bottled water; instead, buy a food grade plastic water bottle and carry your own water.

Leave packaging behind in the shop, especially of large white goods, so it can be recycled rather than carry it home. If each of us cut back on our consumption of plastic responsibly, there will be much less floating around the garbage dumps in the city.

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These have become an integral part of our modern day life. We use these almost every day and are often miffed when the shopkeepers tell us these are banned and that we need to either get our own bag or purchase a cloth bag.

Plastic is an environment Hazard.

Polythene bags are polluting, land, water, and air because they are non- biodegradable. A plastic bag if buried in soil will remain there intact even after hundreds of years. Plastic is impermeable to water and air.

Hence water cannot percolate down the plastic sheet and it also deprives the soil of the oxygen. Essay On Say No To Plastic.

SAY NO TO PLASTICS!!As quoted by Lord Byron, “There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is society, where none intrudes, By the deep sea, and music in its roar: I love not man the less, but Nature more.” The earth is the only known world to harbour life.

How harmful these plastic bags are to the marine life. Just one plastic bag can kill many animals.

Say no to plastic essay

Plastic bags also block drainage systems and cause the awfully dirty water to come out into the street making puddles that are . Plastic bags have been doing a great harm to the environment and have been a major contributor to the environment pollution.

For our own well-being, it is a must for us to say a no to the poly bags. Say no to plastic bags. If we all said no to plastic bags that would equal: 6 bags a week, 24 bags a month, bags each year and 22, in a lifetime.

If only one in five people in Australia did this we would save billion plastic bags.

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