Reflection on hunger

Let us pray in silence [to the God who alone can satisfy our deepest hungers] pause make us hunger and thirst for the right, till our thirst for justice has been satisfied and hunger has gone from the earth; through Jesus, the Christ, the bread of life, who is alive with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God now and for ever. This misses some of the frame for this Sunday that is worth attention: In starting today's gospel reading, the text needs to be clarified as v. Socrates, in contrast, refused payment and gives himself more than merely his knowledge.

Reflection on hunger

The things that I did well about my collage is, filling up the whole paper.

Reflections on Poverty in America

I put a lot of pictures so there is not that many blank spaces. Also another thing I did well about my collage is, half of the pictures are pictures that I made by myself. I tried not to use a lot of pictures from the actual movie that is coming out soon.

Reflection on hunger

Another thing I did well is, I put quotes from the book on my collage. Those quotes were personally my favourite quotes in this book. The symbol of the hunger games is the mockingjay pin which has a mockingjay carrying an arrow.

Reflection on hunger

I was proud of myself that I came up with Reflection on hunger idea because it means that the mockingjay pin ready to be completed. Also because it symbolizes The Hunger Games. The aspects of the novel that I addressed in my collage explanation is the characters, the mockingjay pin that symbolizes the hunger games and the quotes.

For the characters, I decided to explain why I put the flames behind them. Peeta was the male tribute from the same district as Katniss so I decided to put a flame around him too but a different colour.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: A Reflection – The Worlds Of Michael J Parry

Also because he saved Katniss a lot. I explained about the mockingjay pin too because it is a very special thing in The Hunger Games.

It symbolizes Katniss herself and also the hunger games. Katniss always wore it. I also explained about the quotes on my collage because I wanted the viewer to know why I put a few quotes in there. Those quotes have a powerful meaning because it drags the readers attention and the viewer wil create an image in their head as if they are in that situation.

Real Words from Americans Living in Poverty

The things that I would change about my collage if I do it again is, maybe draw some of the pictures. I need to use my creativity to help the viewer create their own.

Also I would maybe like to put a 3D object on my collage because I saw one of my classmates putting a paper crane on their collage and it pulled peoples attention. I would also make my layout a little neater because I think it was a bit messy.Well, I broke down and read the Hunger Games.

I was hearing all kinds of hype and read a ton of reviews about the movie and I thought, I’d better get in the . FRANKLIN BELINGARD Photography - Fashion / Portrait - - Commercial - Contact; Instagram; REFLECTION.


Hunger is both a physical and a spiritual reality in the Bible. It is a marker of our human dependence on God and on others for health and well-being – as others are dependent on us. Name: God's Concern: A Biblical reflection on Hunger (Presbyterian Church USA).

The Hunger Project is a global movement of individuals and organizations in 22 countries worldwide working in authentic partnership for the sustainable end of hunger.

Hunger in India According to the World watch Institute website, the global grain production has transcended any moment in the history and at record high. Bread for the World I 3rd Street SW, Suite I Washington, DC I I Bread for the World Sunday is an opportunity to join others in praying for those who struggle with hunger—and to rededicate ourselves to efforts that help end hunger.

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