Liacs master thesis proposal example

Making DNA computers error resistant. We describe methods for making volume decreasing algorithms more resistant to certain types of errors.

Liacs master thesis proposal example

liacs master thesis proposal example

Secondo incontro del Ciclo di seminari "Giovani in un'ora" tenuto dai colleghi che hanno recentemente vinto un Young Researcher Award o un Grant for Young Mobility. Motion capture data digitally represent human movements by sequences of 3D skeleton configurations.

Such spatiotemporal data, often recorded in the stream-based nature, need to be efficiently processed to detect actions of interest, such as real-time hand gestures for human-computer interaction. Alternatively, parts of a continuous stream can be persistently stored and then automatically annotated to become searchable, and thus reusable for future retrieval or pattern mining.

In this talk, we focus on multi-label segmentation and annotation of user-specified actions in sequences as well as continuous streams of motion capture data. In particular, we show how the adoption of recent advances in recurrent neural networks RNNs effectively encodes the skeleton frames in the hidden network states and enable effective action segmentation.

We extensively evaluate our models on the three use cases of real-time stream annotation, offline annotation of long sequences, and early action detection and prediction.

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Experiments show that leveraging RNNs we are able to obtain state-of-the-art performance in terms of effectiveness while being one order of magnitude more efficient, having liacs master thesis proposal example ability to annotate up to 10k motion frames per second.

Supermarket retail data as a proxy for predicting seasonal influenza Ciclo seminari giovani in un'ora Abstract: In this work we use supermarket retail data as a proxy for predicting seasonal influenza. When the flu season arrives, people are starting to get sick.

Getting sick affects their everyday life and behaviour. This change in behaviour propagates in their purchases in the supermarket.

They will buy products that will reflect the fact that they are sick. We collect this information studying the purchases of each week in order to detect the more correlated products with the influenza adoption trend.

We identify the customers that buy them during the influenza peak, and through them we identify the sentinels, frequent baskets of such customers during the peak.

liacs master thesis proposal example

We use the weekly values, time series, of the next season for these sentinels as a proxy for the next flu season. Our approach produces nowcasting and forecasting values for up to 4 weeks ahead.

Markov chains and matrix functions Ciclo seminari giovani in un'ora Abstract: Several measures of interest in the context of reliability assessment and performance measurement using Markov chains can be naturally expressed through the framework of matrix functions and tensors.

This opens the door to a broad class of approximation methods, which can be used to improve state of the art techniques in the field.

We discuss how to draw this connection, and how to exploit it numerically. Giovani in un'ora - Ciclo di seminari - Prima parte 15 November Primo incontro del Ciclo di seminari "Giovani in un'ora" tenuto dai colleghi che hanno recentemente vinto un Young Researcher Award o un Grant for Young Mobility.

Documents in text classification are typically represented as sparse vectors according to the bag-of-words BoW model. Since in BoW each dimension corresponds to a different term, the resulting vector space is of high dimensionality and term-to-term similarity is not directly observable term vectors are orthogonal to each other.

Latent Semantic Analysis LSA helps in deriving reduced representations where the semantic similarity among terms is captured. This information can be integrated into support vector machines via LSA-kernels to improve the classification performance. LSA is however known to be computationally expensive.

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In this presentation, I will be talking about Random Indexing, a lighter alternative to LSA, and the experiments we have conducted using RI-kernels for text classification.

Giulio Rossetti - "NDlib: The analysis of the dynamics of and on networks represents a hot topic in the Social Network Analysis playground. To support students, teachers, developers, and researchers we developed a novel framework, named NDlib, an environment designed to describe diffusion simulations.Michael Kaldenbach is a bright, intelligent guy who can thinks fast.

He is hounest and sincere. He has a hughs capacity to combine details into logic frameworks and to distingish useful items from Augmented, Mixed and Virtual .

Graduate students begin the thesis process by writing a thesis proposal that describes the central elements of the thesis work. Those elements vary depending on the type of thesis (research, artistic, or project) that the student plans to write.

Her doctoral thesis was the first comparative analysis of Genetic Programming (with respect to simulated annealing and hill climbing).

She developed the first schema-based theoretical analysis of . For example, Mancala is a mathematical game, because mathematicians can study it using combinatorial game theory, even though no mathematics is necessary in order to play it.

Mathematical puzzles Mathematical puzzles require mathematics in order to solve them. Two Ph.D thesis on the topic were awarded in and In and we worked at the integration of two NOW-funded projects: SCARIe and StarPlane. The SCARIe project was a collaboration between the JIVE, the UvA and SARA. Here are some papers that cite the Parma Polyhedra Library and/or cite papers on which we have described innovations that are implemented in the library.

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