Jamestown fiasco commentary

Heitkamp has yet to answer serious questions about campaign ad victimizing sexual assault survivors By Rob Port on Oct 21, at 6: Heidi Heitkamp told me during an interview on my radio show this week, referring to her campaign's awful decision to identify perhaps as many as two dozen sexual assault survivors in a campaign ad without their knowledge or consent. Heitkamp has, rightfully, gotten a lot of initial credit for accepting responsibility for this travesty perpetrated on those women, but words count for little if they're not backed up with action.

Jamestown fiasco commentary

Thou shalt not steal. The Eighth Commandment I. In this Commandment the institution of property is recognized and sanctioned by the authority of God. The institution of property is necessary-- 1. For increasing the produce of the earth; 2.

For preserving the produce of the earth to maturity; 3. For the cultivation and development of the nature of man; 4. For the intellectual development of man.

Jamestown fiasco commentary

The institution of property imposes upon all men the duty of industry in their callings; the duty of maintaining independence; the duty of avoiding any, even the least, invasion of the rights of others; the duty of self-restraint in expenditure, as well as of honesty in acquisition.

If property is a Jamestown fiasco commentary institution, founded on a Divine idea, protected by Divine sanction, then in the use of it God should be remembered, and those whom God has entrusted to our pity and our care. The Eighth Commandment To steal, I am sorry to say, is a universal temptation, common to all sorts of people.

It often springs from the sense of necessity: Again the temptation to steal springs from indolence, or, to use a good, or rather bad, old French-Latin word, laziness; for there are not a few persons who, instead of getting an honest living by working, prefer to get it by what they call their wits, resorting to all sorts of shifts and tricks, which are really stealings.

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Again, the temptation to steal springs from dissolute or what is called fast living; how many of the embezzlements which so often startle the community spring from the fact that the embezzlers had entered on careers of personal debauchery! Again, the temptation to steal springs from the love of display; how many of the defalcations which land our citizens in prison or in Canada are owing to their passion for equipage, for furniture, for jewelry, for fashion!

Again, and chiefly, the temptation to steal springs from the haste to become rich; how true it is that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil! Let us first glance at the case of private stealings.

Again, there is the taking advantage of the necessitous, when they lie prostrate and helpless, demanding from them, for instance, extortionate interest for the use of money, exorbitant rent for premises or tools, or extravagant prices for commodities.

Again, there is the refusing, I will not say lawful wages, but I do say fair wages--that is, just compensation to servants, whether in the family, the farm, the factory, the store, or the bank; for every man born into this world is entitled, by the very fact of his existence upon this footstool of God, to a living.

Again, there is the delay in the payment of debts when due. Again, there is the contracting of debts beyond any reasonable possibility of paying them, the indulgence in venturesome speculations, the living beyond income--these, and such as these, morally surveyed, are stealings.

Again, there is the practice of endorsing, or going security. It is right for you to help your friend when he is in trouble; but it is not right for you to help him, however much in trouble, if your endorsement of his note is going to cost some other friend of yours his comfortable home.

To aid one man by endorsing him may result in stealing from many men. Again, there is the habit of begging for endorsements; for example: Again, there is the evading of government taxes and custom-house duties by making defective or ambiguous returns--a mode of stealing which, I regret to say, is not altogether unfashionable among people of position.

Once more, there is the lazy subsistence or dependence on charity and there is a great deal more of this than we at first recognize ; the dependence on friends to eke us out, when, if we had been a little less slothful in diligence as well as a little more fervent in spirit, we might not have needed their aid; the sluggard, I take it, is quite a prince among thieves.

Let me now speak of the case of official stealings, no matter what the office is, whether public or private, whether in a bank, or in a store, or in an institution, or under the government. Office is in its very nature a trust; and as such it is a sacred thing.

And to betray a trust is the worst, because the meanest, kind of stealing.

Jamestown fiasco commentary

And now let me pass from official stealings to what I may call associated or corporate stealings. There is something in the very nature of the organization of a company which somehow tends to the extinction of personal responsibility.

It is well understood that many a man will, as a member of a corporation--no matter what kind, whether a trust company, like a bank or a charitable institution, or an executive company, like a railroad or a telegraph organization--do things as a manager of that company which he would scorn himself for doing as a private individual on his own personal responsibility.

In fact, it has become an aphorism that corporations have no souls. And monopolies, or corporations granted the exclusive privilege of manufacturing or selling certain articles of commerce: But there are other kinds of property besides those which we call real and personal, which may also be stolen.

There is the stealing of time; and time, you know, or will know, is money. When a man comes and takes up twice the time that is necessary in arranging with me for his own advantage, or even the advantage of a good institution, he steals my time, and in stealing my time, he steals my patience as well as my money.

Again, there is the petty larceny of writing a letter of inquiry for your own advantage, and omitting to enclose a postage stamp; for he that is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much; and he that is unrighteous in a very little is unrighteous also in much.

Again, there is the theft of plagiarism, the stealing of ideas, the withholding of credit or praise when credit or praise is due. Again, there is the stealing of reputation or character.U.S.

Copyright Office Section Electronic - Notice of Intention to Obtain a Compulsory License for Making and Distributing Phonorecords [(d)(1)].

This of course follows the fiasco at Fargo's Chick-fil-A restaurant, where Macy Hornung was kicked out of the restaurant for openly breastfeeding her 7-month-old daughter.

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Oct 26,  · Just as with the Spanish settlers of the 16th Century, the inhabitants of the first permanent English colonies, at Jamestown in Virginia and Plymouth in New England, came to America with differing motives and an individual set of expectations.

Get the latest music news, watch video clips from music shows, events, and exclusive performances from your favorite artists. Discover new music on MTV. Jan 28,  · The th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown occured this Monday, May 14,The "commemoration" festivities ("celebration" has been banned as politically incorrect) focus a great deal of attention, as benjaminpohle.com’s Allan Wall recently noted, on the wickedness of the colonists and the victimization of the natives.

Perhaps, it is implied, if the English had been less ruthless and. Commentary: Teamsters continue to remain silent; Jamestown 35, Devils Lake 6. Valley City 50, Watford City 0 Garnett calls Butler fiasco 'a little delusional,' while Paul George takes.

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