Introduction to the good earth

Introduction to the Biosphere k.

Introduction to the good earth

The name of this classification is given by the component which influences the most the behaviour of the soil. In a sandy soil, for example, the sand proportion influences the most, the soil behaviour. Note that the soil has to be evaluated as whole and not as separate components.

Therefore, it is necessary to examine how these various components Introduction to the good earth with each other. For example, a soil might have more gravel than normal, but if the clay is very plastic and with the proper proportion, the soil might not be called gravely but probably good soil.

A soil will have sometimes 2 components influencing its behaviour: Therefore, a more accurate classification will be defined as follows: The quality of the binders, silt and clay, will also influence a lot the soil behaviour and one should understand that the variety of soils is as infinite as human beings.

Not every soil is suitable for earth construction. But with some knowledge and experience most soils can be used. Topsoil and organic soils must not be used.

They should be removed and kept for agriculture.

Introduction to the good earth

All over the world many laboratories can analyse soil samples, mostly for road building. Fewer laboratories can do it for buildings. Nevertheless these laboratory tests are often not accessible by the common man.

Since millennia people have known what to do with their local soil. They developed simple field tests to check the properties and behaviour of their soil. These simple sensitive analyses can be performed after a short training.

They follow the four fundamental properties of the earth and they can be practiced by anybody, as we use our senses. Sensitive analyses The aim of these sensitive analyses is to identify in which category the soil sample belongs: Gravely, Sandy, Silty, Clayey or combined soil, i.

Then, according to this classification, one will know what to do with the soil and which earth technique to select. Basic tests to be performed: Granularity Looking and touching Look at a dry or humid soil and touch it to define the percentage and the size of the grain sizes.

Compressibility Pressing Add a little water, if the soil is dry, to get a moist soil and compress it by hand to make a ball. Evaluate how much pressure you need. Plasticity Shaping the ball Add more water and make a cohesive ball.

Evaluate how easy it is to shape it and how cohesive it is. Stretching the ball Pull the ball like rubber elastic and try to break it. Evaluate the strength of the ball.

Sticking a knife Stick a knife into the cohesive ball and pull it out. Evaluate how the soil sticks on it.

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Cutting the ball The ball is cut in 2 pieces. Examine the aspect of the cut. Water absorption Print with the thumb a small depression on the ball.

Fill it with water and evaluate the time of absorption. Cohesion Diluting the ball Add much more water to the ball and try to loosen the cohesion of the soil.The Good Earth is the product of collaboration between the content rigor provided by Earth Science specialists (McConnell, Steer) and the results of research on learning.

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David McConnell and David Steer and Katharine Owens and Catherine Knight and Lisa Park. The Auroville Earth Institute aims to research, develop, promote and transfer earth-based technologies, which are cost and energy effective.

These technologies are disseminated through training courses, seminars, workshops, publications and consultancy within and outside India.

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