Interesting artists to write about

Her grandmother was a Polish immigrant. Her mother, a photographer, traveled often, so they had few possessions and lived out of suitcases. She suffered head and spinal injuries, and her pelvis was broken in two places. She was confined to a hospital bed for a year and had to remain lying on her back.

Interesting artists to write about

Musings on photography from an artist perspective and art from a photographer perspective Thursday, October 19, Artist's Statements I hate artist's statements.

I hate having to write them for my own work when I hang a show, and I almost always hate reading them when I look at someone else's show. I hate writing them because writing a decent artist statement is hard. One reason it's hard is that you're often trying to articulate the thoughts behind the work, and that task always brings to mind the Lewis Hine quote "If I could say it in words, I wouldn't need to photograph.

I hate reading them because artist's statements fall into several categories, only one of which is an improvement over displaying the work unadorned by any statement. First, there's the 'meaningless but flowery prose, which seems to bear no relationship to the work".

My favorite example of this is Some have said my pictures possess a beauty, high and light, like the works in silver of the ancient Irish. Within my photographs a simple line can swell to a great size and a looming mass can disappear in movement.

Passion always informs my work, exposing darkness rimmed with humor. My art is fierce and exact and my ideas are cool.

interesting artists to write about

I force my compositions to resonate, to shudder. My pictures emerge as a moving surface to my eye, like wind on water. I'm guessing, just guessing, that the person who said that the artist's pictures "possess a beauty, high and light, the the works in silver of the ancient Irish" was probably the artist.

When I read that, I laughed aloud, and it still makes me laugh when I read it. A second category is what I'll call 'a serious attempt to comment on the work or process, cloaked in Academic Bafflegab. In formal terms, my current work is an exploration of how form is determined by, and conversely determines, space.

I am interested in the tension that exists between a form -- such as a human head or a square -- and the space which it both occupies and is contained by.

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My long history with drawing has driven my most current work, as I have returned to such traditional materials as graphite and paper to produce works that focus on the process of drawing itself.

A friend of mine translated this into English as "I am interested in how shapes and spaces interact and define each other, their relationships, and the tension between them. I am drawing again as part of the above work, partly because it works better, and partly because I like it.

And then there's the final kind of artist's statement: My current favorite is These images are seen through the camera, they are not manipulated in the darkroom or computer.

I am often amazed at the shapes and forms that have appeared in my work. My intention has always been to explore the body, not to alter it. I want to find the camera angle from which the forms can be the most that they can be — whatever that is.

If it is a grace to the limbs, then I want the angle from which that grace becomes the absolute most it can be at that moment.

And so it leads me on, to explore angles, space, reflections, and light. I strive to make forms make sense visually and trust that the metaphor, the poetry, will follow.Leonardo da Vinci interesting facts.

About Leonardo da Vinci ( - ) Italian Renaissance Artist his life and times- is rivalled by few artists in history as .

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Oct 30,  · Write about a historical artist you admire (Van Gogh, Rembrandt, etc.). Write opinions about a post you saw on another art blog.

Highlight contemporary artists you admire. In your opinion, who is the most interesting artist in history?

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Answer Wiki. 3 Answers. Amogh Vaishampayan, studied at National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, I ask this because I find Ernest Hemingway's life and death much more interesting than his writing, which I do not enjoy.

And do you consider authors artists. Secret Lives of Great Artists: What Your Teachers Never Told You About Master Painters and Sculptors [Elizabeth Lunday, Mario Zucca] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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With outraeous anecdotes about everyone from Leonardo (alleged sodomist) to Caraviaggio (convicted murderer) to Edward Hopper (alleged wife beater).

From Cory: In my online marketing for artists classes, I often end up helping artists develop some writing skills. “I’m not a writer,” is an excuse I hear all of the time. But the truth is that good writing is essential – I’m so glad to have Paul share some his favorite artists who write here.

Seth Kinman () Seth Kinman was an early settler of Humboldt County, California. He was a master hunter and famous chair maker. He stood over 6 ft ( m) tall and was known for his hunting prowess and his brutality toward bears and Indians.

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