Ima educational case journal volume1 issue 4

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Ima educational case journal volume1 issue 4

Become a writer Ima educational case journal volume1 issue 4 National Association of Accountants. Titles, Pages and Topics 1. Standard cost system objectives 2. The Electronics Assembly Plant: Problems with MRP and inventory control 3.

Ima educational case journal volume1 issue 4

The High Yield Fertilizer Company: Inaccurate cost without a cost system 5. Standard cost, attainable standards, setup costs 6.

Cost estimation, lower of cost or market, etc. The pricing decision in a decentralized firm 8. The Atlantic City Casino: Relevant cost, cost estimation, data availability 2. Traditional cost allocation 3.

Problems with restructuring 4. The Hotel Ima educational case journal volume1 issue 4 Department: The Information Services Div.: Forward pricing and transfer pricing 8. Allocating joint costs 9. Performance evaluations Moriarity, S.

Changes in a railroad accounting system after deregulation 2. Changing strategy after deregulation 3. The New Brunswick Company: The Sardy Trunk Company: Cash management and transfer pricing 6. Cash flow projections and relations with local government and creditors Moriarity, S.

West Life Insurance Company: Ethical, moral, legal and political issues 3. The Marian County Memorial Hospital: Budget, financial statements, and ratio analysis 4.

Financial projections, spreadsheets Robinson, M.An Application of the Balanced Scorecard,” IMA Educational Case Journal, Vol.

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6, Issue 1(March ), (third-place award in IMA Case Writing Competition). 2. Left-sided omental infarction (OI) is rare in both the adult and pediatric patients. To our knowledge, only 2 pediatric cases of a left-sided OI have been reported in the literature.

We report a case of an obese year-old male who presented with a 6-day history of intermittent, colicky, .

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