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Type your question here and I will find the answer for you. Friday, August 22, Gotong-royong Gotong-royong is loosely translated as 'cooperation' in some dictionaries while Wikipedia mentions the word 'communal work'. It is an act of gathering together to accomplish a task which is usually for the mutual benefit. In Malaysia, gotong-royong is widely held nationwide and it is a culture of the multiracial people.

Gotong royong essay help

If you have, you might have found people who work together in doing certain works especially if you travel to rural areas in Indonesia. For example, farmers usually work together for the irrigation of their rice field. Although it is quite difficult to see this communal work in urban area nowadays, but the practice are still seen in many rural areas in Indonesia.

In the historical era, the irrigation system in Bali was not managed and controlled by the King but by the people in Bali. The presence of Subak had benefited farmers to receive water supply for their rice field and the amount is decided through the people discussion.

As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta often receives most challenge for the practice of communal work than other areas in Indonesia.

The status of Jakarta as a center of business and government may shape the individual style of living that can decrease the spirit of communal work. The work can be done among neighbors in keeping the safety of their neighborhood by having regular patrol system and weekly communal work to clean environment.

By having such activities, the spirit of communal work is expected to exist in urban areas in Indonesia. The work and cooperation in ASEAN has been practiced for years and the cooperation has also been extended to larger context with wider scope.Home / Refleksi big gotong royong essay / Refleksi big gotong royong essay.

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gotong royong essay help

English Essay Paper 2 [First Term Exam] Qamarina. Writing Section A. The villagers here are friendly and they always help each other. Something strange happened in the village two weeks ago. Some villagers were having high The aim of the gotong-royong was to clean and beautify the school compound.

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