Foggy hills fire rescue expansion plan essay

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Foggy hills fire rescue expansion plan essay

An excellent example of early American-Dutch rubble construction, the Hoffman House displays several of the "prototypical" characteristics of Dutch Colonial housing. Since serious Dutch colonization in America occurred only from untiland almost exclusively along the Hudson River between Albany and New Amsterdam New York Cityrelatively few examples of Dutch colonial architecture exist in the United States.

The building has remained basically unchanged since its initial construction, and the Hoffman family occupied the house for years, until the late 19th century. Inthe property became the headquarters for the local Salvation Army Corps.

Intwo local entrepreneurs obtained the site and rehabilitated the building for use as a restaurant. Whenever possible, all old usable material was salvaged and restored. The restoration replaced warped and damaged floors, reused original nails, and carefully reconditioned moldings, baseboards, mantels and door paneling.

As one of the architectural highlights of Kingston's Stockade district, the Hoffman House vividly displays the long and varied history of the Dutch in America.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. For more information call Ina year after Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence proclaimed the 13 American colony's freedom from English rulethis limestone building housed the first meeting of New York's newly organized State Senate.

A "government on the run" being chased north from New York City by the British Army, the state government moved to Kingston in February ofand took up residence in the Ulster County Courthouse in order to create a formal state constitution.

The delegates approved the state's first constitution in April ofand held elections in June. While the Supreme Court remained in the Courthouse and the Assembly met in a local tavern, the Senate convened its first session in the generously-offered old stone home of Abraham VanGaasbeck.

Built in only 12 years after the British assumed control of New York from the Dutch, the house reflects both the building traditions of the original Dutch colonists and the gradual acceptance of English construction styles.

Foggy hills fire rescue expansion plan essay

In October ofafter meeting in the Senate House for only a month, the Senate and the rest of the newly formed State government hastily fled Kingston when a British force sent north from New York City began plundering the Hudson Valley.

On October 16,British forces swarmed through and set fire to every house in town as punishment for Kingston's role in supporting the Revolution.

Senate House quickly became a vital community museum, exhibiting a wide range of artwork, documents and historical objects donated by local residents.

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A two-story museum was constructed next door in to house and display this collection. The second building in New York preserved by the State for its historic value, the Senate House has been finished and restored to depict the building as it would have looked in The building and grounds are open to the public.

Senate House staff provides guided tours. The Matthew Jansen House, referred to locally as the "House of Doctors," boasts sturdy limestone construction with inch thick walls.

Originally built before the Revolutionary War, British troops attempted to burn this home and much of the rest of Kingston on October 16,as punishment for the town's role in housing and protecting the newly formed New York State government.

With only the walls remaining, the home was rebuilt byas the residence of several of Kingston's doctors. At some point in the 19th century, a small addition was added to the right side of the building and used as a doctor's office, making it an attractive and convenient property for doctors moving into the community.

The decorations that adorn the house testify to its old age--architectural components from several different eras, like cornice modillions and pediment door overhangs, are mixed in with original elements like the six-panel "Dutch Doors. With its massive limestone walls, and Dutch and English architectural influences, the Matthew Jansen House is one of the finest historical houses in Kingston.

Foggy hills fire rescue expansion plan essay

The property is a private residence and not open to the public. Swiss immigrant Franz P. Roggen built this Dutch Colonial style house shortly after his arrival in Kingston inbut it is the property's place in local mythology and legend that differentiates this house from the other Dutch Colonial architecture located in the Stockade Historic District.Flint Hills Resources, Ingleside, Tex., plans to expand storage and outbound crude loading capacity at its storage terminal in Ingleside, Tex., to , b/d.

The project currently consists of construction of four crude storage tanks, 60, bbl/hr of total loading capability, plus the associated pumps and piping. Fire & Rescue; Regional; Rising pension obligations and unanticipated outlays tied to the expansion of the Riverside University Medical Center prompted Riverside County supervisors to question.

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