Emergency room nurse essay

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Emergency room nurse essay

Visit to the Hospital Emergency Room Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. Accidents happen in many forms such as fires, road accidents and construction accidents among others. In such cases, patients are rushed to the hospitals and other health care facilities, and the first room that they are taken to is the emergency room.

Emergency room nurse essay

One does not necessarily need to be involved in an accident to be taken to the emergency room. Some sicknesses such as heart Emergency room nurse essay and strokes are usually sudden and when they occur, the patient is usually taken to the emergency room.

A visit to the ER showed me just how much they are important in ensuring that people are taken care of during emergencies and this made me get to know more about them. ERs are usually stressful experiences for the people involved.

Patients find it stressful since they are not been treated by their usual doctors. Doctors and nurses find it stressful when the facilities they need are not available and when there is a shortage of staff and they have to deal with many patients.

Families find it stressful when they have to wait for a long time for their loved ones to get treatment or when they cannot find the doctors to treat them.

A person does not require an appointment to visit the emergency room. Normally, the ER is the busiest part of the hospital. Patients can access the ER using the ambulance or they can come using other means. Since there are no appointments made, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff in the hospital must be ready for any eventualities.

This means that the ER must have a wide assortment of medicines and other medical facilities to take care of the patients. Emergency rooms are usually operational everyday and are open for twenty-four hours. This means that a patient can have access to medical care irrespective of when the need occurs.

Unlike other doctors who specialize in different sicknesses and diseases, ER practitioners must be knowledgeable about a diverse range of illnesses.

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They must show their expertise in dealing with trauma cases. Perhaps the most important skill they must possess is resuscitation, which is one of the most used in emergency cases. ER doctors and nurses deal with all sorts of people and they must be patient enough and take their time to treat them.

They cannot afford to be biased during critical times, and as such, issues of race, ethnic and sexual discrimination must be avoided at all costs. Like any other doctor, ER doctors must be sensitive to the needs of the patients and their families.

Since emergency rooms are for critical and urgent cases, most people do not go there frequently. However, people who cannot access quality health care go to emergency rooms, where they are assured of treatment. Thus, one finds that some people can wait in the emergency room for some time before they are treated.

While emergency rooms are low cost in some places, other hospitals gain profits from them. There are different levels of emergency rooms in some hospitals, which are designed to serve the patients better.

For instance, the trauma departments take care of patients who have gunshot wounds and they deal with accident cases.Transcript Request (Online) click here Transcript Request Form (takes two business days) Official transcripts requested through Student Services will take 48 hours, or two business days to process.

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The hospital emergency room is a primary care department responsible for preliminary management of patients with an extensive span of injuries and illnesses. As a student, I am required to pass through an observation phase.

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