An analysis of the ad about perfect diamond rings

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An analysis of the ad about perfect diamond rings

Tuesday, September 15, Diamond Bracelets Diamonds are eternal and when a woman wears them on her wrist they reflect a bond with the special person who gifted the diamond bracelet to her.

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Diamond bracelets are not as common as diamond rings or earrings but there is a huge variety out there and if you can afford one, a diamond bracelet is an overwhelming present for anyone. Diamond rings are synonymous with special occasions like engagements, weddings and anniversaries but throwing in a diamond bracelet on these occasions is like adding cherry to the icing.

Where the ring is essential, the diamond bracelet is special. It is this that makes the diamond bracelet a possession of a lifetime. Diamond bracelets are usually quite expensive and hence they are out of reach for many of us. But, if you have a solid stash of dimes tucked away, you can make the occasion very special for that special someone.

Although, diamond bracelets come in many designs, the patterns and styles are fewer than that of rings. Usually, you will be able to find a bracelet that compliments a ring design but this may not be a certainty.

Nonetheless, the popularity of diamond jewelry has made room for a good selection of diamond bracelets as well, and you can take your pick.

Bracelets are available in light as well as flashy settings. In fact, the bracelet offers more space to experiment with the stone size and setting.

Despite the variety, bracelets are far more expensive due to the sheer quantity of stone ad metal that goes into making it.

An analysis of the ad about perfect diamond rings

Depending on the occasion, you can pick the bracelet design. If you are gifting the diamond bracelet to your wife on an anniversary, picking out a style that compliments a ring or earring she already has can be a very smart decision. For such a purchase make sure you buy something that is in tune with what your mother is likely to wear depending on her wardrobe and age.

Light design diamond bracelets are also a good gift for parents to give their daughters on birthdays and graduation days.Watch: Meek Mill Rings 76ers Ceremonial Bell Before Game 5 in Philadelphia Meek Mill is marked the occasion by ringing Philadelphia's ceremonial bell before the game against the Heat.


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My fiancé and I went to London’s Hatton Gardens looking for a diamond but came away with a 2,year-old frog, carved in glowing orange carnelian. Trying on this ring for the first time provoked in me an unexpectedly emotional response.

Perhaps it was the little frog’s perfect proportions. Personal color analysis and personal style analysis. More ideas from Truth is Beauty.

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