A description of the place harlems mum would have loved

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A description of the place harlems mum would have loved

You may no longer be able to get close enough to clamber over the stones, but it's still a national icon and a universally recognized symbol of Britain.

Now, to mark years of these striking stones being formally owned by the British public, charity English Heritage is taking a look back at photographs of Stonehenge visits in days gone by.

English Heritage, which manages over of England's famous historic houses and monuments, invited several families to come and recreate old snapshots from the s, '60s and '70s. The resulting project is both seeped in nostalgia and looks forward to Stonehenge's future.

Back to the future Bob Heyhoe at Stonehenge inaged Courtesy English Heritage Brit Bob Heyhoe was contacted by English Heritage after he posted a photograph on Facebook of himself as an year-old recent Royal Air Force recruit, admiring the stones on a summer's day in Bob Heyhoe recreating his image, nearly 60 years later.

Courtesy English Heritage "My father was a lorry driver and drove six days a week and on the seventh day he would take us to Cheddar Caves, Salisbury Cathedral, Wells Cathedral, Stonehenge or anywhere along the south coast for a day out," he says.

It got me interested in the ancient people," he says. The image was taken on the family's brownie box camera and it was the only snapshot from the day at Stonehenge.

But Heyhoe recalls the impact seeing the stones had on him. Since then, he's visited ancient attractions including the Egyptian pyramids and Mayan temples. Sue Lane recreated this photograph, even ensuring the handbags were in the right spot.

Courtesy English Heritage Summer solstice: Traditions around the world "It stirred my interest," he explains. Returning to Stonehenge in to recreate his shot was a special experience for Heyhoe. He felt close to his parents and found himself reflecting on the past. Plus, it was incredible to see the stones again.

Special permission was given for the guests to get up close and personal with the stones for the purposes of the photography project.

Stonehenge Taney Roniger recreated this shot of herself and her father, this time with her husband. Courtesy English Heritage American Taney Roniger also says recreating her old photograph helped her connect to loved ones who have passed. She visited Stonehenge inwhen she was just three years old.

Roninger's mother took an evocative shot of the then-toddler cuddled with her father, leaning against one of the stones.

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Roniger returned to recreate the image inthis time with her husband, who even wore the same white knit sweater her father wore in the original shot. The stones were overwhelming, I had the sense that they were bigger even than my first visit, and it felt like my parents were with me.

Courtesy English Heritage 31 of England's most beautiful places to visit Helena Myska also paid attention to detail when recreating her family photograph. In the original image, also taken inshe was nine and was photographed with her mother and four-year-old sister. She wore a plaid skirt and knee-high white socks, while her little sister wore a striped shirt and orange shorts.

He was anxious now that we should see them too and so we arrived late afternoon and bought the ice creams that we are eating in the early photo.

In the version of the photograph, Myska and her sister recreated their outfits from the original. Courtesy English Heritage "Recreating the photo was emotional and makes me realize how many years have gone by -- we're not the same people, we all look so different," she says.

Just a boy in the original, he was photographed alongside his mother, father, grandmother and cousins. We'd sit down, get a flask out, have a picnic and muck about," he recalls. We traveled from Florida just to recreate this childhood memory and to get three generations of our family in the spot once again.

The visit helped me to remember family members who aren't here anymore -- and to create new memories for the new generation. Courtesy English Heritage These then-and-now shots form part of a digital photo album English Heritage is working on -- and it's calling upon people around the world to send in their vintage Stonehenge shots to add to the story.

Courtesy English Heritage Woman retakes Europe vacation photos in same spots 30 years later marks the centenary of the monument being owned by the British public: Inlocal barrister Cecil Chubb and his wife Mary donated Stonehenge to the nation.

This archive is a way of making us all part of the ongoing history of this incredible place," adds Davies. If you want to add your shot of Stonehenge -- or just browse more pictures past and present, you can check out gm stonehengeJun 06,  · Watch video · I have a really short attention span, but I have so much to offer.

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A description of the place harlems mum would have loved

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A description of the place harlems mum would have loved

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