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Average taxes paid and welfare received by age This brings with it two issues.

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The first of which is it means that our welfare system, which is highly progressive according to income, is rather less so according to wealth. This is because, as the PC notes, for welfare payments, "the family 3m s post it flag highlighter extending the is not included in assets tests".

And wealth, unlike income, accumulates over time - mostly in the form of housing property. Whereas your prime income earning years are in your 40s, people over the age of 60 on average have more wealth than almost at any point in their life thus far: These are mostly age pension payments to families that own their own home.

Firstly, across income levels, it's clear that welfare is extremely well targeted: Average annual welfare payments by income decile The only welfare payments that do not quickly fall as income rises are family payments.

Family payments are also the most prevalent case of people paying tax and receiving welfare - and remain the target of those who see such payments as part of tax and transfer churn.

The commission, however, does note that "Australia's share of transfers on family payments is above the OECD average, but is in line with countries such as New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Average welfare transfers received by income and wealth decile For example, people in the 6th wealth decile i. This would suggest something seriously amiss, but again it is skewed by the massive amount of welfare that goes via age pensions: Average annual welfare payments by wealth decile While those within the 6th, 7th and 8th wealth deciles receive on average more age pension than do those with less wealth, that is because a vast majority of those below those levels of wealth are not yet at retirement age.

For other benefits, the payments are broadly progressive, with the commission noting that, "Family payments feature more heavily in the share of transfers among low- to moderate-wealth groups". When we look at the amount of tax paid by income and by wealth, on both measures it remains greatly progressive: Average annual tax paid by income and wealth deciles Aside from the dip in average tax paid by those in the 6th and 7th wealth deciles that heavily feature the age pensioner cohort, generally the greater your wealth, the more income tax and GST you pay.

Thus the system, excluding age pension, remains quite progressive according to both income and wealth, but in effect involves people paying into the tax system over their life with the anticipation of gaining benefits at a later date.

There is nothing wrong with this as it assists in smoothing income over time - and the commission also found that when examining the average amount of tax paid over one's lifetime it too remains progressive. But while this would all seems then to be hunky dory, it becomes an issue when fewer members of the population are paying tax: Cumulative percentage of Australia's population by age In half of the population was younger than 27 years of age - now just 37 per cent of the population is below that age.

And 40 years ago just 12 per cent of the population was over 60 years old, now it is 19 per cent. And this is really where the rubber of the tax and transfer system hits the road.

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While up till now we have been content for our largest welfare payment to go to those with high wealth because of the axiom that it all worked out in the wash - they paid tax while younger and now then they get the benefit - this is getting harder to justify.

For all the talk of raising the GST or cutting middle income welfare that may come out the commission's working paper, the real political difficulty will be tackling the issues it raised about the age pension and superannuation.

The paper concludes that: Such moves will be politically difficult and for them to be effective in a budgetary sense they will need to have less lead in time than do the current proposed changes to the pension age. But the Productivity Commission's paper makes clear, when you talk of budgetary concerns of welfare you're really talking about the age pension - all else is just tinkering around the edges.

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3m s post it flag highlighter extending the
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